Glass companies plan to buy organic glass bottles

Organics are among the glass companies that are interested in buying the organic glass brands, but the company that will take the lead is not one that’s seen as a natural fit.

Organics Glass Corp. is the third major company to publicly announce it’s purchasing the brands in a bid to diversify and keep the industry competitive in an industry where competitors are moving to the organic market.

Glass makers like the organic brands because they’re more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly glass, said Jeff Waggoner, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Organic Glass, in a statement.

“Organics have proven to be the industry leader in sustainable glass products, and we believe that Organic Glass has a strong product portfolio and competitive advantage in the organic industry,” Waggoner said.

The three companies are the only two in the market with a long-term organic product pipeline, Waggonsaid.

In January, the International Glass Association reported that organic glass was growing at a faster rate than glass made of other types of glass, including those made of plastic and aluminum.

Waggoner said the new organic brands will be positioned as leaders in the industry.

Organic Glass CEO Steve Smith told the Associated Press the company was confident in the companies sustainability credentials, noting that the company has been the lead glass maker in the U.S. for a decade.

Smith said that the new brands will also be able to sell to consumers who have different tastes, so they can make their own decisions.

This deal is a big deal for the glass industry, said John Stoll, an analyst at Bernstein Research, who noted that the organic manufacturers have been able to diversate their offerings.

For the first time, consumers can purchase organic glass at retail stores and online through online retail outlets, according to Stoll.

It’s a big win for the industry, Stoll said.

Organics has already begun shipping its new organic glass to retail stores.

Stoll said the move will help the companies grow in the consumer marketplace, as consumers will be able find products from both organic and nonorganic glass.

While the new companies are not expected to be on the market for several more months, Wagner said they will be on shelves by the end of this year.


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