Glass to become the default utensil in glass-fiber refrigerator organizer: report

By JIM CARROT, Associated Press WriterSAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Organizers of glass-free food storage units have announced they will install glass-coated utensils as standard in a new initiative aimed at creating more efficient storage and delivering more efficient service.

Glass-free foods will be packaged in glass containers at the beginning of 2018 and then sold in food-service restaurants.

They are expected to save energy and reduce carbon emissions by reducing the amount of waste in the food and packaging, according to the Food Alliance, a nonprofit group that represents the food industry.

Organizers say the glass containers will help reduce the amount and cost of food that goes into storage.

In a recent report, the Food Industry Council said that a single container of food in a glass container saves up to 70 per cent of the weight of food, which can be recycled or used for other uses.

The initiative comes at a time when glass containers are being increasingly replaced by metal containers.

The Food Alliance report said that of the approximately 50 million metric tons of food waste produced each year, about 35 per cent is used in the United States.

It said that in the first three quarters of 2018, more than one million metric ton of food was thrown away each year.

In order to help the food-industry, the group said that it has begun providing funding to local glass companies.

The food industry has expressed interest in buying the plastic utensels to help make glass containers more efficient.