Glass steroid from the Amazon?

The Amazon rainforest is home to many rare species of fungi, including a type of fungi that can be found only in Amazonia.

But the Amazon rainforests have never had a known way to make a synthetic version of this fungus, the scientists report in the journal Nature Communications.

The fungus is a member of the family Fungi that include many types of fungi.

The new findings help to clarify the biology of these fungi and may lead to new approaches to drug discovery, says David M. O’Donnell, an entomologist at the University of Arizona.

The Amazon rain forests are home to a large number of different types of plants, from giant trees called pygmy to the ubiquitous, leafless trees called yucca.

In recent years, researchers have been exploring new ways to treat them, using antibiotics, chemicals, and other biological techniques to combat a wide variety of diseases.

One of the most important antibiotics, carbapenems, can kill the fungi.

But its use is also limited because of its toxicity.

The new findings are “an important contribution” to understanding the biology and behavior of these species, O’Brien says.

The Amazon’s fungi are also unique, and have a much higher resistance to many of the common antibiotics.

“They’re very hardy, and can survive temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit,” O’Connell says.

“We think it’s likely that they were a bit more adapted to the Amazon than we think.”

The fungi may have evolved to tolerate some of the more dangerous antibiotics because they’re easier to cultivate, and also because the Amazonian rainforest has a large population of the fungi that live in it, O ‘Donnell says.

These new findings suggest that Amazonian fungi may be more adaptable to certain antibiotics, Ollier says.

And it may also suggest a way to produce new antibiotics that may not require the use of more expensive, toxic antibiotics.

But more work is needed to confirm the findings.

“It’s really exciting to see the discovery that we can grow these fungi from seed,” Ollieston says.

For more information about Amazon rain forest, visit the Amazon Rainforest website.


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