‘Worst TV Show Ever’: Watch ‘The Worst TV Show EVER’ on MTV News!

MTV News has just dropped the official trailer for the second season of “The Worst.”

The first season premiered on March 9th, and the second one will be out on March 31st.

Check out the trailer below:The second season will focus on a “younger generation” of women.

They are forced to face their fears and failures in order to become better.

“The worst TV show ever” stars Jennifer Morrison as a newbie actress who is tasked with bringing the newscast back to life.

She will be working alongside a team of producers who include: Ryan Coogler, Sarah Silverman, and Michael Gambon.

“We’re going to bring you some of the best television on television today, so you’re going’t be able to get a better TV show on the internet than ‘The worst television show ever,'” Morrison says.

“There’s no going back to television if you don’t want to.”

“The worst” will also include a look at how women’s issues are handled in Hollywood.

“If you think about what it’s like to be a woman on a TV show, you think of the worst possible scenario: a woman who’s not a woman, a woman in a white shirt, white pants, a white skirt,” Morrison says in the trailer.

“And that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.”

Check out the official season 2 trailer below.

The series is based on a memoir by actress and director Rose McGowan.

In it, McGowan talks about how she was sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein and how she went public about it in an effort to help others who are sexually assaulted.

She also discusses her struggles with mental health and depression.

“You can’t tell a story like this and not feel some form of anger, some form, and you know you’re not alone,” McGowan told EW.

“I feel so empowered and so empowered because I know that I’m not alone, and I’ve been speaking out, I’ve had support, and now I’m finally going to be able take on this story.

It’s like the greatest privilege I can imagine.”

Watch the trailer for “The Best” below.

Watch the trailer of “Worst” below:


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