The Glass Organ Works is set to open in Melbourne next month

A Melbourne glass organ works has been set to reopen next month after being left without a licence in December.

Glass Organ Works founder and co-owner, Nicky Whelan, told the business had been hit by an influx of new businesses and that a licence to operate would allow them to reopen.

“I think we’re in a really good position,” she said.

“The whole concept of an organ is really appealing to a lot of people and that’s the way we want to live our lives.”

Our intention is to keep it that way.

“The glass organ is a glass container which can be opened up and opened up again, similar to a wine glass.

Nicky and husband Michael Whelans, from Lidcombe, have been selling glass organ work to customers since 2011.”

We were getting a lot more business in 2016 and we thought it would be nice to start up again,” Ms Whelanos said.”[We were] trying to do something new and we decided to make it something more traditional.

“The business was originally set up by Nicky’s brother-in-law, who she says is a big supporter of organ donation.”

He said it would just be a hobby for him and his brother,” she explained.”

But we wanted to do it for our families and it’s been a really great experience.

“There’s no money in it and there’s no time to waste.”

It’s been great.

It’s been really good.

“So far we’ve got about a dozen people come and try it and it sells really well.”

The Whelanas bought the glass organ in October last year and the business has since become a family business.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve had to sell some other things,” Ms Lathaus said.

Mr Whelanes organ is the size of a wine bottle and weighs around 20kg.

It is one of the most popular organ works in the country.

“For us it’s an ideal way to donate organs and there are a lot that need to be transplanted,” Ms Rhea said.

The Welsans started the business in 2011 and have now grown to more than 30 people.

“Everyone has really enjoyed the experience,” Ms Azzar said.

Ms Azzars daughter-in the business, Kate, said she was happy to see the organ open up again.

“This is a really important organ that’s needed so many people don’t get an organ transplant,” Ms Kate said.



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