Google Glass organizer launches in China

Glass organizer, a Chinese startup founded by two college students, is launching in China.

The company is looking for Chinese investors, and is aiming to bring in $1 million in funding, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Glass organizer is the brainchild of Liu Jian, 23, a business major at Beijing Jiaotong University.

It was created by Liu and a group of other students from Beijing Jiejing University.

Glass organ works uses a 3D printed circuit board to make glasses that can be placed on people’s heads, neck and ears.

The glass organ works is based on’s product and works on a similar 3D printing method to Glass Organ, Liu said.

Glass Organ also uses a new “virtual” system that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the location of the wearer’s eyes and ears, and then automatically sets the glasses on the wearer, he said.

It’s a unique technology for Glass Organ that is also a great fit for Glass, Liu added.

We’re really excited to partner with Google and bring Glass Organ to the market, Liu told Xinhua.

Glass organization is the product of three Chinese undergraduates who met through a group project at Google, and it was built using Google Glass hardware, Liu explained.

The product works with Glass Organ on Google Glass and Glass Organ devices, Liu noted.

Glass organizers can be used to organize and display digital displays, or to create a digital sign, he added.

Glass Organ also allows Glass Organ users to organize meetings on Google Hangouts, and create custom user-created events, such as birthday parties.

The organizers can also organize events like coffee breaks, or bring events to the office, Liu promised.

Glass organizing is similar to a smartphone app that’s used by a number of organizations, Liu and his team said.

Glass organizer is a good fit for the Glass Organ product, Liu commented.


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