How to make glass containers with Lego

A bunch of Lego bricks can be made into glass containers.

The trick?

They’re all in the same shape.

In this video, you can see how the process works. 

The process for making glass containers, or “folds” is simple.

The first step is to put a little water in a plastic bag.

The water will soak up a lot of the Lego bricks in the bag, so that when the bag is filled with water, it will form a layer of plastic.

You then place the Lego pieces in the plastic bag and let it sit overnight.

After the water is drained and the bag has been dried, you’ll have a bag of plastic that’s about the size of a wine bottle.

That’s where the magic of the process comes in.

As you can imagine, you have to make sure you fill the bag with the right amount of water.

I have a very tight supply of water, and I usually fill the plastic bags with the exact amount of liquid I have in the tank.

I then pour the water into the plastic container, squeeze the lid on, and place the plastic lid on top of the plastic.

Once the lid is on, the water will slowly sink to the bottom of the container.

As the water evaporates, the plastic will form into a transparent sheet.

You’ll have something like this:If you want to try making your own plastic containers, check out our guide to making Lego glass bottles.


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