How to keep your glass safe and odor-free: The Glass Institute

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you’re not supposed to touch your glass” and we all know it’s true.

But do you know what the Glass Institute recommends to avoid getting glass on your teeth and hands?

It’s to keep it in a plastic or plasticizer bag.

The Glass Society recommends keeping your glass in a glass bag with a tight fitting lid.

The International Society of Glass Organizers recommends placing your glass on a tray with a lid that fits snugly on the glass.

The University of Pennsylvania says it’s best to place your glass at least one foot away from you.

And if you’re going to be using the glass, make sure you keep it out of the way.

And you might as well put it away in a secure place.

That way, no one else might get a whiff.

We’re going ahead and tell you how to keep glass safe, odor- and taste-free, and keep your teeth smelling fresh for as long as you want.


Never use plasticizer to clean glass You might be tempted to clean your glass with a plasticizer, but it can be a little bit messy.

You’ll need to gently stir the plasticizer into the glass to remove any dirt or dirt particles that have built up inside.

If you want to get a bit more specific about the best way to clean, check out the tips below from the Glass Society: 1.

Keep your glass cool with a paper towel 2.

Never shake glass vigorously 3.

Place the glass directly in the microwave 4.

Never place glass on the floor with the glass in the middle 5.

Always place glass in plasticizer or in a sealed container when you’re not using it for food, water, cosmetics, or other cleaning purposes 6.

Keep glass in an airtight container that is tightly closed to keep any contaminants out 7.

Keep the lid tight and tight to prevent any foreign particles from getting into your mouth 8.

Never remove glass from a food container, and never remove glassware from a hot plate 9.

Do not use plasticizers or plasticizers-based plasticizers to clean the glass on dishes, utensils, and other utensil items that are being reused.

Plasticizers and plasticizers with additives or preservatives will make glass more difficult to clean.

For more tips, see our full guide.