How ‘silly’ is the Glass Secret organization?

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4, the founder of the Glass Security Project and his daughter reveal a little-known secret about the organisation, and how it was created.

“We have a secret, it’s called the Glass secret organization,” says Daniela Gualtieri.

“They have an organisation, they don’t really know what it is, they think they are the government or something.”

This secret, the Gualtiers, say, has to do with a shadowy and secretive organisation known as the Glass Alliance.

The organisation is a group of private organisations which work to secure and secure communications.

The first Glass Alliance was set up by the US government in the late 1970s, according to the Günter Bohnert, an independent security expert and the co-founder of the Open Society Foundations.

Its aim is to “make our networks more secure”.

But the Glass alliance has grown over the years and its membership has grown to over 100 countries, according the Glass Foundation, an organisation which advises the organisation.

The alliance has also been accused of violating privacy and corporate law.

A new organisation, the Glass Association, which was founded in 2009, aims to improve the transparency of the organisation and its members.

But Gualter believes that the Glass organisation is not as secret as it is made out to be.

“It’s not as secretive as it’s made out, because there’s a lot of people involved in it,” she says.

“There are some very well-known members, some very obscure members, but that’s just a part of it.”

It’s not the first time that the secret organisation has been revealed.

In 2013, it was revealed that the glass alliance was using a British-owned company, Teneo Holdings, to manage the organisation’s activities.

The Gualts say that Teneow Holdings was hired by the Glass Group in 2009 to set up a “global security platform”, which was later bought by the organisation for around £5 million.

“This was a private company, we were not aware of the company,” says Gualttier.

“But we were given a contract to take part in a project with the Glass Trust.”

The Günther BohnERT of the OSS foundation says that the organisation has done its utmost to protect the privacy of its members, who are entitled to access information only on their behalf.

“All the data we receive is in plain text, so there’s no possibility of anyone spying on us,” he says.

Gualier says that a group called the Open Intelligence Trust has also helped in the organisation of the alliance.

“The Open Intelligence trust is a body that provides an information platform to the Glass members,” he explains.

“And there’s an Open Intelligence website, which is the organisation behind the organisation.”

The organisation claims to have “examined over 400,000 documents, including over 60,000 classified documents, from over 100 government agencies”, and is seeking to provide an “information resource to the public”.

But Gültier says the Glass organization is not a secret.

“People know that there are people who have infiltrated the organisation,” she tells me.

“I don’t know who these people are, but I know that they have infiltrated us, because I’ve been told by a number of people that we are not really secret at all.”

It is not the only organisation that has been involved in the Glass project.

According to the Open Secrets website, the organization “is currently being funded by the German Government” and has been “supported by a German foundation since 2007”.

The organisation’s website says that it is “dedicated to the creation of a global security platform”.

However, it is not clear how much funding the organisation received.

The Glass Alliance has a website which claims to be “dedicating itself to ensuring transparency in the security of communications”.

However it does not disclose its members and the organisation itself is not publicly available.

“You can’t get a lot out of the website,” says the Gueltiers.

“Everything is kept private.”

It would seem that Glass is not entirely secure, and the trust which it has set up does not appear to be working very well.

According the Open Government Partnership, which describes itself as a “non-profit organisation” which has “fostered trust and accountability in transparency and accountability, and is actively engaged in the public sphere”, it says that “the Glass Alliance is an organisation of opaque entities with no public accountability”.

The Glass Foundation says that their members are not required to disclose any information to the organisation about themselves.

“Members are free to share confidential information, and to share their expertise, insights and opinions,” they say.

“In general, we are very open about our members’ privacy.”

The Glass Trust also states that their organisation is “open and transparent”.

However there is little information about how its members are managed.

According an Open Secrets blog, it states that “members are advised to use their


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