How to Make Your Own Organic Juice Glass Fasade

Organic juice glass faseades are pretty cool, but the fasades are a bit trickier than the other kinds.

You’re not just cutting the glass, you’re also creating the illusion of glass that glows.

Here’s how.

The process starts with cutting the liquid in half, which creates the illusion that the glass is actually a prism.

Next, you take the prism and break it into tiny shards, which you then slice into the liquid to create a glass shape.

Finally, you apply the fusibility material to the glass and then melt the glass in a furnace.

When you have your glass, the effect is like the illusion is being peeled off, making the illusion stronger.

We’re not entirely sure how it works, but it’s pretty cool.

It’s like you’re cutting the prism into tiny pieces and then having it shatter when it gets too small.

The result is like you’ve peeled off a little bit of the glass.

This technique is the stuff of sci-fi movies.

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