When the bunny glasses organizer comes to your door

Organizers at the annual Bunny Festival in downtown Toronto say they’re bringing a rabbit’s glass organizer to the event.

Organizers say they plan to have 3 drawers and a 3 drawer organizer at the event, which is on Friday and Saturday.

Organizer Jason Mokyr says the organizers were able to secure the rabbits’ glasses organizer from the city.

“We got some pretty good support from our city,” said Mokyn, adding that they had a lot of help from the City of Toronto.

The event has a free admission for all participants.

Mokyn says they are hoping to sell the rabbit glasses organizer for $20 at the venue, but if they can raise $20, they’d like to keep it.

“Hopefully, it can get us a few dollars for some rabbit glasses and a few bucks for some other rabbit glasses,” he said.

Mokyr said he hopes to keep the rabbit organizer until the end of the bunny festival.