How to be a conservative in the age of Trump

This is the moment conservatives can no longer deny that they have been lied to by the left.

They can no more continue to claim they are on the side of the “real American people.”

They are on a side that they believe to be their own.

They are the side that is the one that actually wants America to thrive and thrive.

They believe that the left is out to take away their freedoms.

They see the left as a bunch of people who are using government to destroy the economy.

They do not believe that there is anything the left will not destroy to make it possible for them to continue to prosper.

They cannot accept that.

They must stand for something.

This is what they will do.

They will be more willing to defend the Constitution, for the rule of law, for freedom of religion and the free exercise of religion.

And they will be much more willing, in their minds, to defend their rights as Americans.

That means they will defend the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.

They have a right to defend those rights.

But they also have a responsibility to defend others rights.

They don’t want to be seen as the enemy.

They want to show that they are a defender of the Constitution and the values it stands for.

That will take them away from the position that they’re fighting for and that is what the media and some on the left have chosen to do.

In fact, they have chosen not to support them at all.

The left has always been at odds with conservatism.

Conservatives were once at odds.

Conservatives fought for and gained ground against the left because conservatives had to.

The two camps are now locked in a war of words that has nothing to do with conservatism or any other ideology.

It has to do more with the two sides’ willingness to sacrifice and sacrifice their principles in order to win elections.

They both want the same things, but the left has been much more successful in winning elections.

In order to fight this war of ideas, conservatives have to win.

They need to win more elections.

Conservatives need to make more noise and make a bigger show.

The more conservatives win, the less the left wins.

The liberal media and the left are playing a cynical game.

They’re playing on the fear of the future, in the belief that the future will be a much worse place.

It’s a cynical tactic.

But it works.

The truth is, conservatives will not be able to win the elections they have now.

They won’t be able win elections in which conservatives are the majority.

They simply won’t win them.

But if they want to win again, they will have to change their tactics.

They’ll have to be more selective in their actions and more honest in their rhetoric.

They’ve already lost.

And that’s a good thing.

The media and others on the right have chosen a path that is not just un-American, but un-conservative.

They choose to pretend that conservatism and conservative ideas and ideas about the future are more important than the lives of Americans.

I’ve seen many conservatives tell me they don’t care about the lives and the freedom of Americans, or that they don.

I don’t know that they really do.

But I do know that conservatives can’t let this lie pass them by.

They either have to make their values a priority, or they have to fight to win them back.


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