When is the best time to wear glasses?

The Times has put together a handy guide to the best times to wear your glasses, as well as what to wear to work, home, and anywhere else you may be uncomfortable.

Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your next trip to the spa.


You can wear glasses at the spa without a mask.

When you’re wearing your glasses at home or on your way to the doctor, wear a mask or goggles.

These are best if you are using a headset.


When is it safe to use a mask?

If you have a condition that causes you to have a red, swollen or pus-filled eye, a mask may help.


Is it best to wear a white or pink face mask?

  It is best to use an eye mask or glasses if you have red, swelling or pus under the eyes, but masking up may be necessary if you can’t see clearly.


Can I wear glasses in public without a face mask or mask?

It is not recommended to wear goggles or mask during public events unless you’re accompanied by a licensed medical professional.


What are the risks associated with wearing glasses at a spa? 

Glass can be very dangerous.

A glass can shatter, shatter if you get caught in it or if it gets scratched.

If you are allergic to glass or if you suffer from a condition called keratoconus, it is possible you could get a condition like keratosis pilaris.

If it’s an emergency you may need to use gloves to protect your hands.

It’s also possible that you could be at risk of getting pneumonia from glass, as some glass products contain chlorine, which can be dangerous for your lungs.


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